About the Industry

In Bangladesh, healthcare industry is still in nascent stage with tremendous growth potential. Following the increase of general awareness in healthcare, the industry is set to boom. Apollo Hospitals Dhaka has not only set the standard but has also raised the bar for the Bangladesh Healthcare Industry as a whole. While it has several ground breaking achievements to its credit, Apollo Hospitals Dhaka faces an ongoing challenge to constantly and consistently achieving its goals.
The inadequacy of public health system paved the way for private hospital business in Bangladesh. Moreover, the public health sector is plagued by uneven demand and perceptions of poor quality and driving patients to private healthcare sector. This poor service quality is the pivotal cause responsible for declining utilization rate of public health care facility in Bangladesh. Overall utilization rate for public health care services is bear minimum by middle and upper class society. Dissatisfaction with public health care sector is shifting demand toward private health care sector in the country. The trend of utilization of public health care services in Bangladesh had been declining between 1999 and 2003, while the rate of utilization of private health care facilities for the same period have been increasing. Similar investments have been done by other major corporate groups.


About the Company

STS Holdings Limited started its journey in 1997 by the promoters of three reputed business houses of Bangladesh: The Shanta Group; the Tropica Group and the Sepal Group; hence the initials S-T-S. STS Holdings Limited has a vision to build institutions aimed at providing services that would have a positive lasting impact on people’s quality of life while continuously raising the standards of the institutions and establishing new benchmarks in the respective sectors thereby constantly maximizing customer satisfaction and shareholders’ values.
STS Holdings Limited (STSHL) is a public limited company. STSHL was formed initially as a private limited company under Companies Act 1994 and incorporated in Bangladesh in the year 1997 bearing Registration No. C-33709(455)/97 dated 28.08.1997 and subsequently converted as a public limited company in 22 February, 2006. The registered office as well as the corporate office of the Company is situated at STS Tower, Plot # 346/A & 347, Road #12, Block # D, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka-1229.

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, the international standard hospital first of its kind in Bangladesh, is the pioneering and flagship venture of STS Holdings Ltd. The establishment of Apollo Hospital Dhaka is the result of a strategic business decision taken by the STSHL with the technical collaboration of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (AHEL) of India.

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is currently operating with 337-bed (excluding emergency and day care bed) multi super specialty facility poised to deliver advanced tertiary care health services of international standards to the people of Bangladesh. Started construction in 2001 and went into commercial operation in April 2005. Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Limited, India has been providing technical support by way of Operations Management agreement. Their services range from owning and operating hospitals, nursing schools and a hospital management college